Monday, April 2, 2012

Here's a thought... write a personal mission statement!

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.” -Carl Jung

With this new beginning that spring brings what a perfect time to clear you mind and start fresh with a mission statement! Here's how to begin. Grab a piece of paper and your favorite pen. Sit yourself down somewhere comfy and answer some questions like these ones. But feel free to come up with more! There are no rules with this!
I am at my best when...
I am at my worst when...
My natural talents and gifts are...
If I had unlimited time and resources and knew I could not fail, what would I choose to do?
My life's journey is...
What would people say about you on your 80th birthday
Imagine you could invite to dinner three people who have influence you the most. Write their names and the one quality or attribute you admire most in these people.
What are your values? What is most important to you?
What are some goals you'd like to achieve this year?
What kind of image do you hope to project? Is it similar or dissimilar to the image you're projecting right now?
Allow your mind to wander around these questions and put down anything that comes to mind. It really helps is you can be completely honest with this. From here, you can pick key phrases as well as words that seem to keep coming up and weave them together to make a first draft of your personal mission statement. Put the words together and watch what appears in front of you.
(Adapted from A Girl On A Mission: How To Write A Personal Mission Statement! by gala darling and photo of Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL)

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