Wednesday, November 3, 2010

She Votes! Election 2010

One of the strongest indicators that an individual will vote as an adult is exposure to the polls at an early age.

On Tuesday, October 26th our Girls Inc. girls participated in the nationwide Girls Inc. Mock Election in order to better understand the importance of civic engagement!

A special thanks is owed to the Shasta County Election Office, who donated privacy booths, an official ballot box, and "My Vote Counted" stickers so our participating girls could experience the reality of the voting process!

The ballot initiative for our election included:

- Should school vending machines sell soda?

63% voted YES
37% voted NO

Some reasons girls voted “yes”:
“Because I love soda.”
“It is not fair for only teachers to have soda.”
“A soda a day or in moderation is okay.”
“Teens need to learn how to make decisions themselves.”
“I like soda and I can’t have it at home.”

Some reasons girls voted “no”:
“Obesity rates are scary.”
“It is really bad for kids to drink soda.”
“It’s really bad for diabetes.”
“Soda is not good for your teeth and stomach.”

Other initatives added to our local ballot included:

- Should there be an enforced dress code in schools?

28% voted YES
72% voted NO

- Should sports teams depend on skill level instead of gender?

28% voted YES
72% voted NO

A total to 44 Girls Inc. affiliates and 3600 girls participated in this year's mock election--more girls than voted in last year’s presidential mock election!

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