Thursday, January 28, 2010

Doing our part...

We recieved an email last week from April Osajima, the Public Policy Director of Girls Inc., with an interested request.

Our Girls Inc. Washington, DC cohorts have been working diligently to get First Lady Michelle Obama to become our 2010 Honorary Chair, meeting with her staff and constantly sending letters. There have been a number of First Ladies in this position in the past, but this appointment in particular is exciting because of the visibility Girls Inc. would get as a result.

In response to affiliates who wanted to help, April decided to ask all of us to engage our secret weapon
—and the most powerful force in the universe to some—
the Girls Inc. girls!

Of course, Girls Inc. NSV could not pass up an opportunity like this one, so we got 50 of our girls from
Red Bluff High School and Salisbury's REACH program to make postcards with a simple request:

"Dear Mrs. Obama, Please be the Honorary Chair for Girls Inc."

(They also included their first name, age, and hometown.)

I am heading to the mailbox today with this impressive number of postcards and am so glad our girls can be a part of this easy yet powerful nationwide effort!
Keep your fingers crossed that Girls Inc. can get the support of First Lady Michelle Obama and the recognition of the country in 2010.

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